who we are

accessible, attractive, unique…

Ecru is an innovative, imaginative, highly skilled and experienced web design agency, specialising in accessible, attractive and unique ebusiness solutions.

We create websites with superb high quality design, robust and highly skilled technology solutions, websites that are usable, accessible, which exceed their business objectives within a tightly controlled budget and time frame.

We have 15 years experience working with established companies including, EDF, Merrill Lynch, NHS Trusts, online retailers such as New Look and Governmental organisations like; The Crown Prosecution Service, The Parole Board, the CAA, education websites like Champions of Justice and Justice 4 Youth, and Charities such as Disability Action in Islington and Ricability. We have the skills and experience to ensure that your company or organisation fully exploits the potential of the world wide web via websites, extranets, intranets, forums, social media and online technology.

We have successfully managed and implemented full design and build web projects accompanied by creative targeted web campaigns which publicise the services of our clients.

Our highly motivated, unique team of specialists believe that websites should be beautiful, accessible, easy to use and robust. We never forget that our main goal is to get your message across to visitors in the most effective and imaginative way possible.

We have highly experienced consultants who are skilled at actively listening to your companies needs and bring the intellectual capacity and flexibility to create elegant, unique, cost effective ecommerce solutions, which maximise your business potential. Our innovative and imaginative designers will provide the highest quality look and feel to your web presence. Creating accessible sites that look a million dollars, whilst not exceeding your budget.

Ecru's highly skilled and meticulous technologists craft robust and elegant technological solutions to the knottiest problem to create systems that fulfil your business or organisational needs.

We also employ highly skilled content specialists with published flexible writing skills. We believe that text is a vital attribute of any successful website. People are attracted to a website by its design and search engine optimisation but they are enticed to look further and understand your message by beautifully crafted and easily understandable text. The words on your website need to draw the reader in, tempting them to read on and find out more about your products or services.

We create websites that are usable, accessible, which exceed their business objectives within a tightly controlled budget and time frame.

When you engage Ecru for your web project you get:

  • Excellent design and content creation
  • Robust, usable technology
  • A dedicated customer liaison manager who ensures the project runs smoothly to time and budget
  • Usable, accessible websites that your customers will love to visit
  • Proven track record

Talk to Ecru now about your web development project. Email us or call us on 01702 479 677 to discuss how we can help you.