Getting a new website is the starting point, you then need to build and maintain it. Ecru's experienced trainers can help you learn how to maximise the value of your website and get the most from your online presence. From courses on how to use your content management system, to setting up and running forums, how to keep your website accessible to people with disabilities, writing for the web and search engine optimisation, we have a training course to help you meet the challenge.

Ecru's own easy to use content management system comes with training as standard, however many people find themselves using legacy content management systems that are far from straight forward. We can help, we have experience of using many different content management systems and can create an easy to use training manual and quick user guide for whatever content management system you use.

All our training packages are adapted to the needs of the audience, we make sure the content of our seminars are relevant to your needs and accessible to all.

Content management system training

Ecru's easy to use content management system comes with a bespoke user guide and individual training for users. Our content management system is so easy to use that we usually find a half an hour training session, in person or over the telephone is usually all it takes to learn how to use the system, and telephone or email support is always available to new users.


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Starting and building a forum seminar

New forums present the challenge of how to establish a successful online community, encouraging people to sign up, contribute and return to make the forum the vibrant and useful tool it has the potential to be. Based on many years' successfully managing and monitoring forums, our user guide to starting and building a forum gives you the insight and tools you need to make your forum a success.

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Accessibility and Usability training

Your new Ecru website comes with AA accessibility rating as standard and compliance with the new British Standards Institute website accessibility standards. However in order to maintain this level of accessibility you need to comply with the standards every time you add content to your website. Our accessibility and usability training has been very successful and well received by students. Learn how to make content accessible and usable by everyone, including people with disabilities and improve the quality of your communication with your audience at the same time.

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Maximising the value of your website

Once you have a website, intranet or extranet online, you need to maximise its value and build up visitor traffic. There are various techniques to help you get the most out of your website which we discuss in this training session. From improving your search engine position, writing content and structuring information, to how to encourage return visitors and online marketing techniques this seminar covers all the bases, enabling you to turn your website into a top performing site.

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Twitter and Facebook play vital roles in enabling organisations to communicate with stakeholders, professionals, and the public at large.

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