Social media

Social media is now a vital component of every organisation's digital media strategy. How do you mitigate the risks while enjoying the benefits?

We take social media seriously, helping organisations develop a social media strategy that fits their individual needs and work with them to put their plans into action. Social media strategies can have many different components including, forums, blogs, microblogging, podcasts, surveys and commenting or feedback systems and social bookmarking as well as participating in classic social media hubs such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Integrating social media into a digital marketing strategy is a bespoke service. Different organisations need a unique combination of social media to best reach their target audience.

Many organisations are wary of using social media with the ability for members of the public to comment on their blog posts or tweets. There are various ways to deal with this problem, however many organisations find that negative as well as positive feedback is one of the most challenging but useful aspects of social media. By being open and transparent and listening to customers, organisations can gain a competative edge by adjusting what they do and improving their services. This is not always appropriate and by sensitively understanding the needs and culture of an organisation Ecru can help you develop a range of social media interventions that work for your unique circumstances.

One thing is certain and that is that a social media is increasingly a necessary part of your online presence. As Facebook, Google+ and Twitter rapidly expand their users increasing numbers of people are accessing the internet mainly through social networks.

Social media can help your organisation:

  • establish an online identity,
  • create a community
  • advertise products, services and jobs,
  • get feedback from real people,
  • create relationships with people who might not usually be interested in what you do,
  • enable you to manage your image directly, in a real way with real people.

Twitter and Facebook play vital roles in enabling organisations to communicate with stakeholders, professionals, and the public at large.

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