Responsive design

The explosive increase in the use of smartphones, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and tablet PC mean that websites are viewed on lots of different platforms. Ecru use responsive style sheets to make sure that your website looks good whatever platform you use to look at it.

Mobile web

Websites for mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPhone, smart phones, Android, Blackberry, tablet PCs and iPads are an exciting new development in web technology and as always Ecru are up with the front runners. Designing websites for tiny mobile devices and tablet PCs or iPad is a challenge to all areas web development. Small screens place a premium on concise clear content creation as well as site design. Integrating the mobile site with an existing website and making sure that mobile users are sent to the correct website and slower connection speeds present a challenge for technologists. This is a challenge we have met with enthusiasm.

Our approach to is to develop skills in creating responsive style sheets. This means that whatever size of device you use to access the website, the website is delivered and enjoyed at its best.

The benefits of mobile websites include:

  • Instant access to mobile users on the move
  • Access to information as and when the user needs it
  • Greater access to potential buyers
  • Larger audience, not dependant on computer ownership
  • Easier access to essential information, services and sales for mobile users
  • Easier user interaction via automatic "call us" links, geographic positioning information and alerting features

Apps development

The explosive popularity of smart phones, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android has meant that app development has become an essential part of many organisations information and marketing strategy.

A good app should be:

  • Beautiful and engaging,
  • Intuitive and easy to use,
  • A pleasure to use
  • Secure and measurable.

Ecru can build mobile websites; develop mobile commerce systems and iPhone applications.

Responsive webdesign

The GEOAmey website uses the principles of Responsive Web Design so visitors using a smartphone like an iPhone or Android, or a tablet such as an iPad will be able to access content using a layout that acknowledges the size of their device. This is a much better technique than browser-sniffing as devices come in all shapes and sizes, and will continue to change and diversify in future.

Ecru worked very hard and patiently to give us the website we wanted, following a demanding schedule. We have had really positive feedback and I personally think it looks fantastic!

Ellen Stevens

Communications Officer for GEOAmey

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