Interactive animation and video files help give your website an edge, making it stand out from the competition, adding interest and activity to the webpage and, engaging visitors.

Video is an excellent way to demonstrate a product, talk directly to your audience, explain a concept or share an experience. Whether you are a private company, government department, non–governmental organisation, or a charity, sharing video files via the web can radically improve your communication with your audience and enhance the image of your organisation.

Ecru have years of experience managing the video creation process, converting videos into a format that website visitors can easily view, optimising sound levels, file size, compression levels, dividing long videos into parts so that they are easier to download and use. We then implement these videos on your website andin social media environments. The Ecru content management makes this job even easier. We specialise in making sure that video and animation is accessible to everyone who uses your website, complying with W3C accessibility standards and maximising the ability of your audience to understand your message.

The use of video has increased dramatically over recent years. Video has the advantage that it conveys a message quickly. It introduces a product or concept to people in a meaningful way and users are voting with their mouse by increasing their consumption of videos on the internet at a huge rate. Many consumers expect a website to contain video and they can be disappointed by a lack of things to look at or interact with. Video is an excellent way to communicate a story, or a brand concept quickly and, most importantly for the viewer, enjoyably.


Animation has many uses on a website, from the use of jQuery to enable elegant transformations from one state to another, to the use of Flash animation to create entrancing educational activities or games.

jQuery is used with great success on the Crown Prosecution Service Easy read version of the Core Quality Standards, where it is used to enable the meaning of words in the glossary to elegantly appear on the page where the word is used. If users systems are not able to utilise this technology the word simply becomes a hyperlink - the website degrades gracefully in the absence of JavaScript. jQuery can also be used to create animated panels on a web page, these can be used to highlight important information or provide eye catching advertisements.

Flash animation can be used to provide a more extensive experience such as an educational activity or game. The Champions of Justice website uses this technology to enable students to get an idea of what it is like to be a Crown Prosecutor deciding whether to prosecute a suspect.

Ecru created a strong image concept for the education section of the CPS website, with Flash activities that are designed to educate while entertaining

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