Sound files have great potential to add interest and information to pages, aiding accessibility and enriching the online experience.

We always make sure your website visitors have a rewarding experience visiting your website. This means that we cautiously use sound files on websites to aid accessibility for visitors with visual problems, cognitive difficulties or English as a second language. The ability to listen to a page being read opens up the information to a whole range of visitors who would not otherwise be able to access the information.

Audio files can also be used to provide audio interviews, podcasts, music or speech, enriching the visitor's experience of the website.

We implement sound files in an accessible way, meaning that they are easy to turn on and off and that the information contanined in them is also available in a text form on the web page. Sound files used in this way can dramatically enhance your visitor's enjoyment of a web page and significantly improve their abiltiy to understand the information provided.

We work with voice specailists to create sound files that are professionally produced and enjoyable to listen to, enhancing the user's experience of the website and impression of the organisation.

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