Power Up - EDF Energy

The Power Up website provided high quality educational activities for children at key stage two and three, approved for use in schools as part of the National Curriculum by BECTA.

Power Up - EDF Energy

The EDF Energy Networking in Education team needed to rebuild their existing education site to:

  • Acknowledge the broader profile of children who would visit the website and learn important educational and safety messages
  • Enact EDF Energy's commitment to increase the understanding of safety issues relating to the use of electricity
  • Cover the whole of Key Stage 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum as it applies to electricity.

Making learning fun

Fantastic, I love the bits about Eddison

Bram Aged 7

Because of its sound educational focus the website is an excellent resource for classroom teachers. It is funny and engaging and makes learning fun, with a strong safety focus throughout.

The creative idea is split into two with the Key Stage 2 Curriculum content being presented by Wizard Celldric and his mischievous, lovable cat Eddison. Children between the ages of 7 and 11 are welcomed in to have a look around Celldrics house and help him sort out some of the problems caused by Eddison. The Key Stage 2 Curriculum is presented with gentle humour and lots of rewards for learning.

Accessible for everyone

The website achieves WC3 priority AA accessibility ensuring that all children whatever their ability will be able to gain from visiting the site. Learning is rewarded with Flash based games and animation, but users who are unable to use Flash are not penalised, all of the information is included in the main site.

The games are great, I liked the circuit games best

Tom, aged 10

Key Stage 3 Curriculum is introduced by Dave (the silhouette figure from the Danger of Death sign), and his girlfriend Julie (guess where she works!). Content is more text based for this age group in recognition of their more mature learning needs. However there are still lots of games to reward students for their concentration and the information is presented in a humorous way. Again the site achieves W3C AA accessibility standards and the safety message is reinforced.

Listening to end users needs

The graphic design throughout the site is strong and consistent. The safety message is also strong and consistent. We listened to the needs of classroom teachers in developing the site. Flash is used cleverly and conservatively to reward learning, it is not used in areas where it would distract students from understanding the information. The areas of the curriculum covered are clearly marked on the home page of each section which enables teachers to quickly assess the curriculum content of the areas being studied. Stunningly designed and engaging worksheets and assessments complement and extend the online learning making the website a complete learning resource.

Power Up’s ability to effectively deliver the curriculum has received a stamp of approval from BECTA the Government run agency that approves websites for use in the national curriculum through the National Grid for Learning. The Power Up site is now   available for use teaching the national curriculum on electricity to every school in the country, reinforcing EDF Energy's commitment to safety and education and improving brand recognition across all ages.

Complete in-house package

One of Ecru's unique advantages is that one of the members of the team is a published author with experience of writing for adults and children. In this site we were able to use this capability to full advantage, creating a site that is easy to read and informative, grabbing children's attention and keeping them interested in the subject matter. Not only is the site improved by Ecru's innovative skills mix, EDF benefited too. Instead of laboriously working on providing suitable text for the site EDF Energy were presented with a complete site, which they were then able to change as they saw fit. This effectively halves the time taken to create a site of this size and type.

Networking in Education is part of EDF Energy. The site is one of EDF Energy's many educational and social initiatives.

This is a wonderful resource and makes teaching the electrical curriculum much easier.

Deb Jackson

Primary School Teacher

Educational Games

Our content, design and technology teams worked closely together to create activities that were both educational and fun.

End to End educational package

Worksheets and assessment materials complimented the website learning materials.

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