Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

OISC came to Ecru for their website because of our wealth of experience building secure, content managed, accessible websites for UK government clients.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is an independent, non-departmental public body set up under the UK Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 to regulate immigration advisers, promote good practice, set standards, deal with complaints about immigration advice, prosecute law-breakers and oversee regulation.

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The website has a simple navigation system for the different user-groups, including the general public, immigration advisers, stakeholders and people seeking immigration advisors.

The website includes a wide range of unique .NET functionality such as the Advisor Finder which uses geolocation to enable people to find an immigration advisor near to them.

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The OISC proudly launched its new website on 2 March 2009. Its improved format and presentation is aimed at meeting the needs of all those that may wish to visit the site including advisers, stakeholders and the general public.

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The website also allows visitors to access information that is internal to OISC in a secure fashion. We have been careful to establish a framework that mitigates risk, and has successfully passed independent security audits.

An Extranet provides UK immigration advisors with vital password protected information for their regulation and continuing professional development.

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The Ecru content management system was selected because it enables UK government organisations such as OISC to deliver accessible websites in accordance with W3C Priority AA standards.

The website offers simpler navigation for visitors by providing direct links to key areas, such as Continuing Professional Development and the OISC's Guidance documents, from the homepage.

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Better than W3C Priority AA means we have maximised the ability of disabled people to access information.

Search engine friendly

The Ecru content management system is exceptionally search engine friendly, with a simple and logical folder structure for every page.

Targeted Information

The OISC website information architecture features target information pathways that enable specific users to quickly find the information they are seeking.

Maintenance package

OISC have taken advantage of ECRU's cost effective, efficient website maintenance package to minimise inhouse running costs.

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