When the Ministry of Justice awarded GEOAmey a seven to ten year contract worth up to £900m this year, they asked Ecru to build them a crisp, accessible, content managed, bilingual website.


GEOAmey is a joint venture between GEO Group and Amey in the UK. GEO is a global provider of prison and escorting services with a portfolio of 118 correctional, detention and treatment facilities. Amey is one of the leading public service providers in the UK, with over nine years' experience of working in secure environments for central government departments like the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence. Amey also brings a wealth of experience in delivering critical public services across the UK.

Ecru worked very hard and patiently to give us the website we wanted, following a demanding schedule. We have had really positive feedback and I personally think it looks fantastic!"

Ellen Stevens

Communications Officer for GEOAmey

GEOAmey works in partnership with the Ministry of Justice to develop innovative solutions to provide more safe and secure prisoner movements. Prisoner Escort and Custody Services (PECS) contracts include all inter-prison transfers, apart from London and the East region, but do not include Category A prisoner movements that are managed by the Prison Service.

A web presence that reflects the companies core values

One of the challenges for Ecru was to express the new GEOAMey brand in a way that embodies their ethos of safety, security and service. By a careful balance of colour, imagery and white space we have sought to create an online presence that reflects these core values.

Unique easy to use content management system

The GEOAmey website is powered by the unique Ecru content management system. Ecru's exceptionally easy to use system allows for the delivery of a secure, accessible, bilingual website that conforms to the requirements of the Welsh Language Board. The Ecru content management system is exceptionally search engine friendly.

GEOAmey responsive design includes iPhone optimisation

Responsive webdesign

The website uses the principles of Responsive Web Design so visitors using a smartphone like an iPhone or Android, or a tablet such as an iPad will be able to access content using a layout that acknowledges the size of their device. This is a much better technique than browser-sniffing as devices come in all shapes and sizes, and will continue to change and diversify in future.

Responsive Web Design

As time goes on the variety of devices and platforms that websites need to work on grows and grows. Responsive web design involves clever use of CSS to ensure that whatever device you are using to access a website, smart phone, tablet PC, iPad, laptop, desktop computer or television (to name just some), you always see the website at its best and you can always access the information you need.


The GEOamey website was built to comply with WC3 AA accessibility standards to ensure equality of access to the information.


GEOAmey serve communities in England and Wales and the GEOAmey website reflects this, each page having a version in English or Welsh.

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