Disability Action in Islington

Disability Action In Islington asked Ecru to build their new website to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Priority AAA accessibility guidelines in order to demonstrate their commitment to accessibility and inclusion to their audience.

Disability Action in Islington

Disabled people from a wide range of impairment groups are welcomed to the website and Ecru developed a very easy to use stylesheet switcher that enables visitors to tailor their experience of the website according to their personal needs. Users can select a style that is tuned for the use of people with dyslexia, there is a high visibility version that has more contrast and a larger typeface, and styles can be switched off entirely if necessary.

AAA accessibility

The AAA grading enables Disability Action In Islington (DAII) to achieve the goal that their website should be a vehicle that enables them to promote wider inclusion for disabled users of the internet, leading by example, to effectively show other organisations and service providers what can be achieved.

The website includes a forum that Ecru developed with the specific objective of achieving high levels of accessibility. After an extensive review of the capabilities of the many forum systems that are available we concluded that their incorporation of huge amounts of complicated functionality, some of which is rarely used, meant that the best result would be achieved by tailoring a system from the ground up. One of the other benefits of this approach has been that because the forum system is easy to use it is geared well to its use by some groups of disabled people, such as those with motor and cognitive difficulties.

The DAII website also enables visitors to access British Sign Language video streaming and contains an Easy Read section based on the same model used by the Disability Rights Commission.

With information also aimed at providing businesses with the information they need to create an inclusive working environment, along with large amounts of practical information and advice to disabled people and their carers, the website is a vital resource, for people in Islington, for companies, and anyone interested in best practice techniques for accessibility.

AAA accessibility

When the DAII website was first published it achieved W3C Priority AAA, maximising the ability of disabled people to access information whilst not compromising on design.

Easy navigation

Navigation assisted by the use of icons and intuitive information architechture.

Easy read text

Plain English to aid usability.

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