Legal Guidance at the Crown Prosecution Service

Legal Guidance is documentation prepared by The Crown Prosecution Service to provide guidance to prosecutors and caseworkers for many criminal offences and procedural issues. It sits at the heart of the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

Legal Guidance at the Crown Prosecution Service

Over a million words of accessible content

Legal guidance represents a huge, living and developing body of work that must keep track of day to day changes. In keeping this information current and available to the public the CPS is fulfilling its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

In all Legal Guidance contains in excess of a million words of content, and Ecru has enabled the CPS to publish this information in the form of accessible XHTML, making this vital resource available for people inside out outside the CPS. This commitment to accessibility - the needs of disabled website visitors - is core to the ethos of the CPS and Ecru - compliance with the Equality Act, and prior to that the Disability Discrimination Act.

Legal Guidance is managed in the Ecru content management system, meaning that legal experts are able to maintain this section of the CPS website, rather than experiencing the kind of publishing bottleneck that can result from the need for high levels of web-building skill.

Ecru transformed our website and brought great accessibility skills to their impressively delivered project

CPS Spokesperson


Better than W3C Priority AA means we have maximised the ability of disabled people to access information.

Improving Access to Information

The legal guidance project made it much easier for legal professionals and students to access current legal guidance.

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