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The Crown Prosecution Service education website - Champions of Justice – was developed from a pioneering citizenship lesson package developed by Crown Prosecution Service lawyers.

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Educating and Entertaining

The Champions of Justice website is aimed at three distinct age groups:

  • The youngest age group (5 – 7 year olds) introduce concepts of rules and crime and tell the story of Millie, a little girl who witnesses a crime and is helped to give evidence in court.
  • 7 – 11 year olds are led from Parliament to the court room and find information about the law, how we decide to charge people with a crime, what happens in court and what happens when you are a witness in court.
  • Then 11 – 16 year olds benefit from an interactive learning experience where they find out what a Prosecutor's job is really like. They can try their hand at being a Prosecutor and see if they have got what it takes to be a Champion of Justice. The content of the website is designed to complement the citizenship curriculum in a school environment.

First developed in 2007 by staff at CPS Derbyshire for their local schools in conjunction with Derbyshire County Council, the CPS Schools Project has been strongly supported by the Attorney General.

The education website

  • Raises awareness among young people (future adults) about the role and purpose of the CPS
  • Increases confidence and understanding about the ability of the CPS to prosecute crime
  • Increases the likelihood of young people coming forward as witnesses and assisting in the successful prosecution of crime.

Ecru researched the requirements of the national curriculum citizenship for key stage 1, 2 and 3, and created the website using resources that were already available within the CPS, and incorporating new material to ensure the content is relevant and interesting to the target age groups.

Ecru created a strong image concept for the new section of the CPS website, with Flash activities that are designed to educate while entertaining.

The schools project was shortlisted in the Understanding and Engaging with Communities Award category in the Civil Service Diversity and Equality Awards 2010.

Nicola Tee

Communication Division, Crown Prosecution Service


Our experienced content creators researched the requirments of the National Curriculum to make sure this exciting website was relevant to the audience.

Interactive educating and entertaining games

Our design, technology and content teams worked closely together to produce exciting and innovative games to make learning fun.

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