Careers at the Crown Prosecution Service

The Crown Prosecution Service has always aimed to recruit the best people to work within the criminal justice system in England and Wales, but in a competitive commercial marketplace needed to reposition itself as a recruiter of brilliant minds. The recruitment of legal professionals would allow the CPS to make huge cost savings by bringing prosecution in-house.

Careers at the Crown Prosecution Service

Employer of choice

At the time, the CPS had made a big investment in the i-Grasp candidate management system, but the recruitment message on was becoming more and more at odds with the jobs that were being publicised on i-Grasp.

Ecru took a multi-disciplinary approach to this challenge:

We implemented the Ecru content management system in the Careers section of the CPS website, meaning that people in the recruitment team in London and Liverpool could keep the website continually up to date without requiring web developer skills.

The Director (of Public Prosecutions) is delighted. He has encouraged all Director's to spend sometime browsing!

Ros McCool

Human Resources Director, Crown Prosecution Service

Using an inspirational and professional tone of voice our communication with legal professionals and paralegal staff could then be very carefully targeted. The website also focusses on non-legal professionals, showing the CPS as an employer of choice by conveying the full range of career fields available, with case studies and employee profiles.

The website conforms to the required governmental level of accessibility - W3C Priority AA, meaning that people of all ages and abilities would be better able to access the information published by the CPS. This demonstrates the CPS commitment to equality in a practical way.

By a careful repositioning of assets, the i-Grasp candidate management system was then repositioned to focus on its strengths, allowing people to apply for jobs.

Ecru implemented a unique easy to use system that allows the website to display i-Grasp jobs. This single step saved hours of work at the CPS by automating procedures that previously had to be handled manually. Everything sped up too.

The changes to the website make it more professional, exciting, dynamic and modern for a young intelligent audience by using multimedia and social bookmarking.

I have just had opportunity to look at the new career pages on our website. Fantastic, what a great improvement, I am delighted with the outcome ...

Mark Summerfield

Crown Prosecution Service

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking allows people to share information with thier friends and colleagues, vital for spreading the word about an exciting job opportunity.


Better than W3C Priority AA means we have maximised the ability of disabled people to access information.

Creative development utilising existing systems

The legacy recuritment system was incorporated into the new website, improving the quality of communication with minimum disturbance.

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