Air Safety Support International

Air Safety Support International (ASSI) is a part of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, established under Directions from the United Kingdoms Department for Transport. The company's primary objective is to help provide a more cohesive system of civil aviation safety regulation in the United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

Air Safety Support International

ASSI are a unique organisation, operating from three bases around the world, promoting air safety in some of the most remote areas of the globe. They needed a web based solution to enable them to operate more effectively as an organisation and communicate air safety strategy to diverse communities around the world.

Innovative, accessible web presence

From this exacting brief web design agency Ecru have developed an innovative, accessible web presence for ASSI combined with a flexible, easy to use content management system individually tailored to meet the needs of users both in the United Kingdom and the Overseas Territories.

Incorporating RSS feeds, a tailored email alert system and a password protected extranet, the new ASSI web presence has taken our unique easy to use content management system to new heights. Users are able to tailor the email alert system to keep them informed of the information that is relevant to them. For example a member of the aircraft maintenance crew in the British Virgin Islands can select to be kept updated with any changes to do with aircraft maintenance as they happen. No more sifting through reams of irrelevant information to find what they need. This system will vastly improve communication of developments in air safety and so improve the implementation of air safety procedures in remote British Territories.

Unique easy to use content management system

Ecru's unique easy to use content management system has been implemented with an approval cycle which enables content to be updated remotely by editors both in this country and abroad but retains ultimate control of live information on the website by appointed administrators. Administrators are also able to control what information goes into the email alert system and the 'what's new' feed on the home page.

The aim of the site was to increase usability for air safety personnel in the United Kingdoms overseas territories. To achieve this we went back to basics with the menu system, thinking in detail about the potential users of the system and the information they would be trying to find. We thought about user pathways and came up with a deceptively simple information architecture which ensures that users are never more than two clicks away from the information they require.

Usable and accessible

Usability and accessibility were further enhanced by quick links and side bars that are designed to bring the content to life, increase understanding and enhance the website experience for user groups. One of our strategies for doing this involved humanising the information and the design. Air Safety regulation and legislation are by their very nature dry and detailed, but we have added life and interest to the information by adding photos of the people and places we are talking about. This 'humanising' approach has the added bonus that it engages and includes the very people we are trying to inform.

Content Management

ASSI chose our exclusive, bespoke content management system because of its elegant simplicity and intuitive ease of use. The content management system has been configured to allow editors access, wherever they are in the world. This means that the website can be updated by the air safety experts as regulations change, making it a fabulous tool for disseminating information.


ASSI required a bespoke extranet system that enabled them to filter information by user and ensure that users did not feel excluded by not showing areas of the website that they do not have access to. This system includes a dual database system, a special email alert and search system that ensures users have full information and access to extranet areas they are invited to. Sophisticated password protection ensures the security of this system.

Content Creation

Content creation, web build and final delivery of the site, to time and budget were facilitated by our system of creating 'straw man text'. Our resident copywriter researches and writes exclusive keyword loaded accessible text to fill content gaps wherever possible.

Approval Cycle

ASSI have multiple offices at various locations around the world. In order to facilitate multi site editors to update the website Ecru created an approval cycle within the Content Management System which allows designated web administrators to provide editors with password protected access to the CMS to enable them to update their own sections of the site, whilst maintaining overall control of the publishing cycle. A rollback facility also protects the organisation from editors mistakes by enabling the entire site to be rolled back to a previous version should a problem occur.

Password protected Extranet

Enabling direct communication with Air fields around the world.

RSS feeds

Allowing users to have immediate access to updates

Advanced search facility

Allowing certain results to be given priority.

Email subscription system

Allowing website visitors to receive automatic alerts when specific areas of website content are updated by ASSI

'What's new' functionality

Alerting users to the latest changes on the website

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